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Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the use of a combination of nutritional medicine, dietary advice, herbal medicine and lifestyle change to achieve specific health goals. As a Naturopath, I employ the art of comprehensive case taking in combination with pathology testing to address symptoms by treating the root cause of disease. I use a combination of motivational coaching, mindfulness techniques and accountability mentoring with evidence based prescriptions to improve your health. A comprehensive health appraisal helps identify the factors driving your ill health.

Imbalances in health may be caused by toxicity in the environment, biochemical imbalances, genetics, dehydration, poor nutrition, high pesticide burden in the body, heavy metals, poor gut health, imbalances of good and bad gut bacteria, inflammation, high stress and electromagnetic fields. A Naturopathic practitoner aims to identify the cause and problem solve to reverse these factors for long lasting wellness.

​The use of highly effective, physiological dosing of practitioner only products helps you achieve your health goals faster. This allows you to live a healthier, happier life.

​Sometimes, a referral to another health practitioner is warranted. When this occurs, I will recommend who I believe is the best person for the case. A referral may be to your GP, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, to a meditation course or for psychotherapy.

Herbal Medicine

Traditional medicine and randomised clinical trials have proven the efficacy of certain herbs in certain health conditions. For example, a Cochrane Systematic review of clinical trials has found St John's Wort to be as effective as antidepressant medication and superior to placebo for the treatment of major depression. There is also great evidence for Saffron in the use of depression and many different herbal medicines for many different health conditions. Unfortunately, not all herbs have been proven as effective, in spite of traditional evidence stating so, and some herbs should not be used in pregnancy or in combination with certain medications. This is when seeing an evidence based practitioner pays off, as I have spent many hours reviewing the evidence for different health conditions, before using them on my clients. This way, we take the guess work out of it and use a more proven strategy.


How does Naturopathy work?

A qualified Naturopath in a Perth naturopathic & Herbal Clinic recognises the body as a whole entity and will endeavour to focus a wholistic approach to health by assessing and changing diet and lifestyle, assess physical and emotional requirements and support this process through naturopathic medicine such as liquid herbal medicine and/or script only naturopathic nutritional supplements to ensure that you will receive the most appropriate treatment outcomes for your health.

​In my Perth Naturopathic clinic I use an evidence based natural medicine approach, and a personalised approach to reflect your current health status and wellness goals.

​To achieve the best outcomes, I regularly use a range of in clinic testing, pathology, functional testing and microbiome assessment to help personalise and streamline your treatment plan.

​I may use some of the following tests within or additional to your standard naturopathic appointment at my Perth clinic or alternatively I offer online or phone appointments.


A study of the iris which shows a map of the body with different markings indicating weakness in organs or tissue.

Hair Mineral Analysis

testing for nutritional minerals and heavy metal levels in the body. The way we utilise and absorb minerals can also be seen in this test and suggest under or over functioning of different processes within the body.

Dutch test for Women's Hormones

tests all aspects of hormonal health and the way the body metabolises these hormones which can affect risk factor for certain conditions. This test also assesses adrenal health and melatonin levels, making it an amazing wellness based test.

Dutch test for Women's Hormones

tests all aspects of hormonal health and the way the body metabolises these hormones which can affect risk factor for certain conditions. This test also assesses adrenal health and melatonin levels, making it an amazing wellness based test.

Adrenal Health profile

measures the effect of prolonged stress and exhaustion on the adrenal glands which guides treatment around fatigue and anxiety.

Testimonials Our Happy Clients

Jenella Downing
Jenella Downing
7 months ago
I highly recommend Gloria. Her knowledge of gut health is phenomenal and can organize testing to ensure a tailored protocol is developed for gut healing. As a Mum herself she was able to empathize with me navigating a severe eczema breakout on my child. Gloria has vast experience but was also open to listening to everything I had to share on a 10 year journey of managing my child’s chronic condition. I believe Gloria should be a first stop in dealing with any health issue naturally.
Kelly Bishop
Kelly Bishop
11 months ago
Gloria's care and knowledge in health and wellness is beyond exceptional. I am so very grateful for having found Gloria who has already lifted my health to the next level in only a short time. She is thorough and gets to the root cause of disease without the band aid mindset. Thank you Gloria, you truly excel in your field and I am so excited to have you by my side on my journey to complete healing and wellness.
Hemsy Breath
Hemsy Breath
11 months ago
Had the Best experience with Gloria Cicchini. Very professional and available to have extra chat through email. Definitely worth every $. Gloria fixed my son's gut problem that didn't get any support from doctors and specialists. I reccommend Gloria for her knowledge and professionalism. Will definitely book again with her if I'll have any need of help with my second baby.