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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

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Some of the services I provide for the betterment of your health include:

When I felt I was ready to dip my feet back into the world of naturopathy after having my
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Naturopath Perth Northern Suburbs


Meet Gloria

I am a busy experienced Naturopath Located in the Perth Northern suburbs. In My home based, Naturopathic clinic taking I use an evidence based approach to Natural Health Care. I am very passionate about providing my Perth patients with the latest, most innovative, holistic health solutions.  I regularly upgrade my knowledge with Continued Professional Development and stay abreast with the latest peer reviewed research and trends in the field of Natural Health. 


I qualified as a Naturopath in Perth in 2009, however have had a career spanning 20 years in the Natural Health and Medical fields.  I take an integrative approach to your health, taking into consideration existing health complaints, genetics, medications, your lifestyle choices and priorities to give you tailored advice with the maximum impact for the betterment of your health. I will match your treatment protocols with only the highest quality nutritional medicine and herbal medicine. If you need help with women's health, men's heath or children's health my many years of experience is ready to be shared with you.

What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is a holistic and approach to wellness. Evidence based research and the healing power of nature and natural medicine is combined to support the Body and its ability to renew and repair. A Naturopaths goal is to help identify the underlying cause of the body’s imbalance and health conditions and formulate a plan to assist your body back into wellness. If you provide the right support your body can not only be free of some symptoms and disease but can ultimately thrive and improve overall health. I welcome you to my Perth naturopathic clinic to experience how individual evidence-based naturopath treatments can truly make you feel well.

How does Naturopathy work?


A qualified Naturopath in a Perth naturopathic & Herbal Clinic recognises the body as a whole entity and will endeavour to focus a wholistic approach to health by assessing and changing diet and lifestyle, assess physical and emotional requirements and support this process through naturopathic medicine such as liquid herbal medicine and/or script only naturopathic nutritional supplements to ensure that you will receive the most appropriate treatment outcomes for your health.

In my Perth Naturopathic clinic I use an evidence based natural medicine approach, and a personalised approach to reflect your current health status and wellness goals.

To achieve the best outcomes, I regularly use a range of in clinic testing, pathology, functional testing and microbiome assessment to help personalise and streamline your treatment plan.

I may use some of the following tests within or additional to your standard naturopathic appointment at my Perth clinic or alternatively I offer online or phone appointments.

Iridology: A study of the iris which shows a map of the body with different markings indicating weakness in organs or tissue.

Hair Mineral Analysis: testing for nutritional minerals and heavy metal levels in the body. The way we utilise and absorb minerals can also be seen in this test and suggest under or over functioning of different processes within the body.

Microbiome mapping: The basis of good health is good gut microbiome. This test assesses digestive markers, permeability of the gut (leaky gut), beneficial bacteria composition and functionality, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Dutch test for Women's Hormones: tests all aspects of hormonal health and the way the body metabolises these hormones which can affect risk factor for certain conditions. This test also assesses adrenal health and melatonin levels, making it an amazing wellness based test.

Adrenal Health profile: measures the effect of prolonged stress and exhaustion on the adrenal glands which guides treatment around fatigue and anxiety.

Conditions treated in my Perth naturopathic clinic


As a qualified Naturopath with over 20 years’ experience and success in supporting and treating the following conditions:

If your health concern is not on the above list don’t worry I can still help you or can refer you to a colleague in Perth if required that specialises in different areas of naturopathic treatment! 

Ready to Book an appointment in my Perth Natural Medicine Clinic or I do offer online (Zoom) or phone consults?

Available Consultation hours and Zoom calls:

Monday 9.30am-5.00pm

Tuesday 9.30am-2pm

Thursday 9.30 -5pm

Saturday 9am – 5am


Are naturopaths covered by Medicare?

Currently a Naturopathic consultation in Perth is not covered by a Medicare Rebate, Some Health funds may cover the service buy it would depend on the insurance cover you have, speak to your provider about your cover.


Is it worth it to see a naturopath?

People see naturopaths for many reasons, some people have naturopathic consultations as they have had long term health conditions and there health has not improved and want a different approach. Some people regularly use naturopaths to keep their health at its optimum and rather a preventative naturopathic treatment plan to try and avoid illness. A naturopath is a great option to consider as a Naturopath looks at their patients’ health and wellbeing not just their illness and provides a holistic approach to health. A naturopath will spend a lot more time with you discussing all facets of your life and health and provide advice to assist you to your health goal.

What kind of tests do naturopaths do?

A naturopathic practitioner will, dependant on your health concern or symptoms, suggest that you have some testing. Hormonal testing thyroid testing or even mineral levels are studied through blood testing. You could also be asked to have hair sample testing for mineral analysis, microbiome testing you look at gut and overall health. A naturopath that uses testing will get a better look at what your body is doing and can prescribe natural medications or herbal remedies on top of health, lifestyle and eating adjustments.

I Have Never Been to a Naturopath what should I expect?

Naturopaths provide a much different approach compared to traditional medicine. A naturopathic consult entails a naturopath discussing overall your health not just your symptoms. The aim of a naturopath is to try and find what the trigger is for your health issue and provide a wholistic plan to treat the root cause of the illness. Naturopaths will talk about issues you have had in the past and discuss your life choices and eating habits, this helps them to see a picture of your overall health. If you are currently trying to treat a issue and seem not to be getting anywhere then visiting a naturopath is a great alternative option.

Naturopathic consults are not squeezed in for 10-15 minutes, most naturopathic consults are for 60-90 minutes. Naturopaths will spend as much time it takes with each patient to learn as much as they can about the patients’ health. A Naturopath also uses many types of testing to help focus down on an issue and find the correct treatment for the right ailment.

Once a Naturopath has taken your history and run any clarifying testing they will recommend treatment options. The treatment options can be very different from normal medicinal treatments. Some of the treatment options are as follows: Herbal Medicine, Nutritional supplements, mindfulness, acupuncture, topical herbal creams just to name a few. Naturopaths look to recommend treatments that help not only in the short term but over a long time period to keep your health at its optimum. The Naturopath / Patient relationship is very consultative working together for best results.

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