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The old adage If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got, couldn't be truer when considering life long weight loss. 

Many variables needs to be considered when addressing stubborn weight.  Unfortunately, we have evolved over time to be experts at storing energy away for times of famine.  Our genes have become thrifty.  In the hunter gatherer days, up to as early as the nineteenth century, we had times of fasting where food was scarce.  Genetically, we have not evolved to cope with these times of abundance.  We are still holding onto fat in order to survive the famine.  We need to overcome this protective mechanism of the body in order to lose excess weight.

Another factor to consider with fat loss is stress. Stress causes an increase in free fatty acids circulating for instant energy so we can effectively deal with a stressor.  Unfortunately, these days that stressor is on a computer screen and those free fatty acids aren't used to run from the threat from hunter gatherer days (like a big scary tiger), so those fatty acids are stored as fat around the middle which infiltrates organs in the trunk.  If you carry stubborn fat around the middle, there is often a stress component we need to deal with.

Toxicity causes us to plateau on a fat loss program. Most toxins are stored in fat cells if they are not dealt with immediately.  As the liver is under a lot of stress dealing with normal physiological processes in the body, environmental toxins, the use of pharmaceuticals, alcohol and other substances, it cannot safely release toxins stored in fat cells, and therefore stops the fat burning process.  A professional detoxification program can help to shift the toxins causing the weight loss stagnation and get the scales moving in a favourable direction once again.

Poor gut health and a lack of certain beneficial bacteria in the gut can also be tied to weight gain. Japanese scientists are doing some exciting research on probiotic therapy in obesity and results look excellent.  Not all strains of probiotics do this, so it is important to get the right strain for the right condition by speaking to your Naturopath.  A good detoxification program focusing on gut health can help to address these issues.

Other issues compounding weight gain and the inability to lose weight include:

In your consultation, I will personalise your program depending on the driving factors of your weight condition.

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12 week weight loss program

As fat loss is not a quick process, I have developed a 12 week program that includes:

  • Take home meal planners and recipes

  • Ongoing consultations, coaching and mentoring.

  • Weight loss tips to increase metabolism and improve satiety.

  • The option to include testing if you reach a plateau or struggle to lose weight

  • Stress management consultation

  • In house testing to assess progress of the internal health of your body.

  • Personalised supplementation recommendations using only high quality, evidence based supplements.

  • Facebook group to provide a support community for in-between consultations.