Naturopath Testimonials......

" I went to see Gloria after realising there was so much more going on with my health after experiencing irregular periods.

The education and advice Gloria provides is second to none, Within 18 months I was almost the same weight I was

12 years ago.

Under her guidance, I have tackled my cravings and feel

really alert now more than ever."

"Gloria is caring, compassionate and empathetic. She has made the world of difference to our lives! ".....

"Gloria has been treating our family of 9 for about 7 years now and has mentored and supported is all through to good health and life style practices.

Most recently our son was diagnosed by a paediatrician and Psychologist with ADHD, ODD possible Dysgraphia and high levels of Anxiety.

This was following a period of increased difficulty at school and on recommendation by his teachers.
Gloria supported us through this time with various testing and subsequent supplementation specific to his detoxification, neurological support and various nutritional deficiencies.

Needless to say a year on our son no longer displays any of the ADHD or ODD behaviours and his anxiety is well managed. The change in our child’s day to day life and general happiness is a complete turn around and his teachers confirm the same.

We have avoided the possible need for pharmaceutical medications as was recommended by his paediatrician and thankfully his improvements were quick and side effect free.

We can’t recommend Gloria enough."

I feel so much healthier since seeing Gloria. My energy levels are great.

I am sleeping through the night. No more migraines. Thank you so much, Gloria.

"Gloria is a very competent and conscientious naturopath.

She is extremely thorough and practices using an evidence based holistic approach.

I am more than happy to recommend Gloria. She made a huge difference to my health.

She has a very understanding, compassionate and caring approach."

" I had been taking, what I thought to be a good quality supplement so found these results surprising.

After a couple of dietary changes and a better supplement, everything changed.

My anxiety levels dropped and energy levels increased.

Her advice surrounding alcohol consumption, and the livers ability to metabolise oestrogen has helped my hormonal issues too.

Gloria gave good, solid, scientifically based advice, that when followed correctly, made huge changes to my overall well-being "

" I have had consultation with Gloria Cicchini many times over the last 3 years and she is a warm, caring and knowledgable practitioner.

She has supported me not just physically but emotionally during difficult times in my life as she continues to research and investigate treatment options for me.

I have recommended her to many friends and family members whom I know will be able to benefit from her fountain of information. I am always thankful for her compassion and care'"

"Gloria came into my life about 3 and half years ago. I was unhappy with my health and my self.

The main reason I went to see Gloria was to treat my chronic headaches, they had started to take over my life.

After a month of seeing Gloria my headaches had drastically decreased and there were so many other health issues I didn't realise I had until they had gone away.

I was also quite over weight, I have now lost about 30 kilos and have never felt better or happier.

I can't thank Gloria enough for what she has done for me, even though I don't need to see her on a regular basis anymore, she is still there for me and supports me whenever I need her."